Flintshire Councillors wake up to hospital issues

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    Why has it taken a Councillor from Flintshire seeing first-hand how bad the A & E is in Wrexham before reacting– the Independent Group should be ashamed that they have not listened to their electorate for years. If they had listened, then they could have joined with Wrexham Council on several occasions when the problems have been discussed with the Health Board.

    How does this group of Independents think Welsh Government are going to make a difference by talking with them – despite numerous representations by others in the past? It should also be noted that the Health Secretary Vaughan Gethin is himself overseeing the Special Measures and has his own officials in attendance at BCU- it therefore means going above to the First Minister or Heath Inspectorate Wales and the Public Service Ombudsman. Not sure how high the tree is but the whole of BCU / WG Health Ministers seems rotten from the top to the day to day front line staff that are having to prop up the failed services and being stressed to keep services running.


    Liz Jackson

    It’s time that our Councillors in Wrexham and Flintshire actully worked together on this issue – Flintshire have been silent for so long- perhaps they prefer to go over the border to the Countess in Chester.

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