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    I am not sure how much “listening ” happened in the infamous 8 minutes!
    My own group had a good Q &A for an hour. However it is clear that any merger will not happen for 5 years at the least so let us concentrate on the job in hand.
    It may be a very good idea to listen to others in the area of local government.
    How about starting with neighbouring councils on the horrendous Con-Dem austerity cuts local government is facing all across the UK.


    Mrs Crewe

    There are far too many people employed by the public sector, particularly in Wales which has a GDP of public sector of circa 75%. Anybody with even a modicum of economic understanding knows that it is stupid and damaging to run a country like that. I say this as a local government officer, so my own job is on the line. The Welsh Gov has used the same old socialist policy of stuffing the public sector to make it look like there is some sort of economy in Wales. Of course all it means is we are working to pay our own wages with nothing left for education, health and infrastructure. And haven’t we seen the result in Wales. We have worse education, health and hardly any investment in infrastructure past Abergevenny. So you can blame the ‘horrendous cuts’ as it is easy politics, I place the blame firmly where it lies, with the travesty of the Welsh Governement and for local councils for not taking the hard decisions and dealing with the over staffing when the had the chance.



    @Andrewmackembailey 18323 wrote:

    How about starting with neighbouring councils on the horrendous Con-Dem austerity cuts local government is facing all across the UK.

    This is exactly the kind of stupid, facile, political point-scoring comment that turns ordinary people off politics and politicians.

    It stinks of an obsession with fighting political opponents rather than putting energy into improving things for the electorate.

    Mrs. Crewe, an excellent postfrom yourself as usual. If only the politicos could take time off from their infantile posturing and pour their energy into improving things, the UK would be a much, much better place.



    Andrew – this is not about Com Dem austerity it is about how as a country we have been overspending and generating massive debts and living beyond our means for year – all political parties have been instrumental in getting us to this situation as you have all had various stints at being in Government — don’t try ducking under the issue and assume Labour have not had a hand in the excesses.
    You have over many years been a Council Member on a Council that had a no redundancy policy up until the past few years (The Labour Group have now actively promoted Voluntary Early Retirement to avoid the word redundancy “How many staff did you make redundant in your time with the Labour Group on the Executive? In case you have forgotten the answer is NIL– even staff brought in on short term funding streams have been retained and ‘levered’ into jobs even if the funding was not available.
    Within your Group you had 10 Members that could not face up to the reality of reshaping services and defected to the Independents even though the key issue of Plas Madoc was about creating / retain jobs in the area. You are operating with colleagues close to you in your Party that are swinging from issue to issue- let us all see what your alternative budget is going to be at the Full Council meeting — there are complaints about lack of engagement by the Council yet I have not seen any invites from Labour to discuss any alternate budget.

    On a separate note I will put a flag up today as we now have TWO Councilors contributing only 52 to go!!!!

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