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    To be discussed at Scrutiny tomorrow. Reading the agenda notes, it appears they follow more or less the same lines as did Ty Pawb and that project’s sustainability is still questionable.

    “Independence from the Local Authority but eligible for grant funding from it”. In other words, robbing local organizations of available grant money.

    Staffing:- Additional posts will have to be created, these include two interim posts and three officer level posts initially for 2023.

    There must be more needy local projects that this funding could improve.



    Does this mean Ty Pawb staff are being paid by Wrexham Council at present but under Independence they will be employed directly by Ty Pawb? Who will be responsible for the future maintenance the building, with its flat roof and old lift?



    Wrexview Ty Pawb has never been run but by a Trust – there is an Advisory Committee the asset and staffing have always been under the direct control of the Council.

    If the structure is to be independent then clarity is required about who the report means as members – Council Members or Members of the Trust?

    4.13 Once the Charitable Trust is established and becomes a legal entity, a public
    engagement exercise will be undertaken via the establishment of a
    Community Engagement Committee which will be led by the Trust, subject to
    member approval.

    The proposal has limited vision and potentially attract limited funders as it is for the ” develop the City of Culture bid for Wrexham for 2029 and to manage the delivery of City of Culture if successful” – there is no reference to continuation byond 2029 which many funders would want to see.

    If Independent why is the Council predetermining the staffing requirements – this should be the role of the new Board so Terms and Conditions are under their control and not forced to take on the higher costs associated with Council employees- “Staffing: Additional posts will have to be created – these include two interim posts and three officer level posts initially for 2023”

    I would also hope that there is a way to attract more local people to the Board as there are a limited number who have a real feel for Wrexham.

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