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Town Centre Tree ‘Felled’ Due To Decay

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Thursday, Jul 17th, 2014.

A tree on Queens Square has today been felled due to poor health and decay.

Work removing the tree, which was located on the bank just across from the Guildhall, began earlier this morning.

A spokesperson from Wrexham Council said: “The decision to fell the tree was taken due to its poor health and condition. The tree is decayed at the base and an extensive part of the trees crown has died.

“The tree is situated in a busy part of the Town centre, therefore public safety is a high priority when determining whether trees in this condition can be safely retained.”

Tree Felling

During the day traffic lights have been in places on the road, along with traffic cones / barriers from preventing people and cars from passing through.

When we popped down to Queens Square shortly after 3pm, the tree had been cut down and signage was being removed to reopen the road.

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