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‘Fireball In Sky’ Meteor Lights Up September Sky (Pics & Video)

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Sep 21st, 2012.

Tonight just before 11pm a very bright light appeared in the north west skies, which then appeared to break up and create several intense streaks of light.

We were lucky enough to see it, thinking it was something breaking up towards Harwarden airport. However speaking with the police they confirm they have had several reports and it was just a Meteor.

The meteor itself though was spectacular – initially starting as a very bright green light travelling from the north east towards the south west, it then broke up creating several separate strands of meteors with tails.

As Wrexham.com readers know we quite like looking at meteors , with our guide on how to spot them here alongside the International Space Station, so are quite comfy to say it was a very ‘slow’ meteor! There was a smaller ‘ball of fire’ back in march – video here.

@jackcotter took this picture:

Here is a video filmed down the road in Cheshire:

Another video from Penmaenmawr and Llandudno:

Here are some of your tweets – tweet us @wrexham with what you saw…


North Wales Police have now told the world what they told us earlier : “Numerous reports recieved of large glow in the sky along the coast from Cheshire to Anglesey! Confirmed as meteor shower as far as Scotland”

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