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Music Fans Left Confused Over Llay Mifest Cancellation

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Jul 24th, 2012.

Punters at a music festival which was set to be held near Wrexham feel they have been left in the lurch following its cancellation.

In yesterday’s Leader the event’s organisers blamed flooding for the cancellation of Mifest, which was due to be held in a field on Home Farm in Llay from Friday 10th to Saturday 11th August.

However, dozens of music fans who bought tickets for the festival have taken to Facebook and Twitter to voice their confusion at the decision that was made 17 days before it was due to take place.

To add to the confusion temperatures hit 26.4C in Wrexham yesterday and were even warmer today with our @wrexhamweather station recording 29.3C.

Despite the announcement to the press the festival’s website holds no mention of the cancellation and still has tickets on sale at £65 for the weekend including camping and only one comment has been made by organisers on the Mifest Facebook page in response to an angry customer.

Facebook user Simone Roberts wrote: “Sooo when were you planning on telling us the festival is now cancelled? Clearly nothing to do with the field as it has time to dry out. Is it that you just haven’t sold enough tickets or the acts are pulling out……”

A reply from the festival’s organisers read: “Acts cannot pull out of a contractual agreement, we have also sold just under 2,000 tickets, not enough to break even but still an incredibly feat for a festival in it’s first year. all tickets will be refunded within the next fourteen days, we’re also looking to put the acts on on the same dates but in indoor venues.”

Wrexham.com has made repeated attempts to contact the festival organisers, but to no avail.

Tickets for Mifest still appear for sale on the festival's website.

It had been suggested that the cancellation may have been partly due to concerns by the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) regarding security at the event.

We asked Wrexham Council for comment on this and they said: “This was a major event for the area and we worked in partnership with the organisers to ensure public safety. We agreed with their decision to cancel the event due to the waterlogged condition of the fields on which the event was to be staged following poor weather and uncertainty of any prolonged spells of dry weather over the next few weeks.”

Wrexham.com plans to look further into these claims.

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