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A night out in Wrexham is even safer via Home Office supported campaign

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Friday, Mar 2nd, 2018.

Three nightclubs in Wrexham are being issued with knife-detection wands as part of a drive to stop people carrying knives and to reassure revellers on a night out – with it noted ‘we have not had an incident where a weapon has been found’.

As part of the recent Operation Spectre, a Home Office supported national campaign which encourages people to think twice before carrying a knife, licensed premises across the region are being issued with knife-detection wands by North Wales Police.

The use of the metal detecting wands is becoming widespread practice at clubs and other venues across the whole of the UK as part a nationwide campaign to tackle knife crime.

Although the participating venues in Wrexham, ATIK , Penny Black and Central Station and The Tivoli in Buckley do not have a particular problem with people carrying knives, like clubs around the country they recognise the importance of the preventative initiative and the value of reassuring people that their safety comes first.

Wrexham Inspector Paul Wycherley; “In recent years we have worked closely with our partners to improve the local night time economy.

“Knife crime is devastating. If you carry a knife you are at risk of going to prison, at risk of being killed or seriously injured and at risk of having to live with the aftermath of someone’s death.”

“Our partners’ agreement to allow door staff to use knife detecting wands is a fantastic example of strong partnership work which we hope will reduce crime and make Wrexham town centre an even safer and more enjoyable place to spend a night out.

“This concerted effort demonstrates our continued commitment to ensuring North Wales remains a safe and welcoming place to live, work and visit.”

Mat Evans general manager of ATIK said: “With ATIK being a part of the largest nightclub company in the UK (The Deltic Group) we gain a wealth of experience and best practice for a safe night time experience from our sister venues across the UK by sharing information.

“Deltic Group venues are in the majority the busiest venues within their situated towns and ATIK Wrexham is no exception. Therefore, working with NWP and supporting initiatives which create a safer environment for the public is very much in our interest.

“We are wholly supportive of this initiative with ATIK already having detector wands in use we see the clear benefit in more venues joining in to reinforce that Wrexham is a safe area to be enjoyed by all.

“We keep in mind that although we have not had an incident where a weapon has been found, the potentially devastating consequences of knife crime is something you cannot ignore as a responsible operator.”

North Wales Police will act on all information reported regarding knife crime. Anyone with information can call North Wales Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Top pic: Tony Hasaj security, Sergeant Darren Jacks , Steve Wickwar security, Matthew Evans, General Manager Atik and Dafydd Buffey security

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