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    It’s absolutely shameful that in PMQs today another MP from another area had to ask a question about Wrexham workers when the Delusional Atherton completely failed to do anything for the town. She just continues to wish she was an MP in England.

    Her failure to recognise anything Welsh or local to Wrexham or North Wales and her continued lambasting of the WAG – posting pointless letters whining that Wales isn’t a carbon copy of England means she is not fit for purpose as a local MP.

    She needs a massive reality check in terms of what she thinks the majority of the electorate in this town wants versus the perverse messages she delivers.

    Wrexham was promised the equivalent of a Rolls Royce MP by the Tories pre election and what we have been given is a horse and cart with 2 missing wheels and the horse is a bloody cardboard cutout.

    At what point do the Tory fetishists break rank and hold their hands up and admit we’ve been sold a dud?

    I’m saying those who voted Conservative could have been given a much better Tory MP than this. You’ve got another 4.5 years of this – congrats.

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    Llayby lilly

    Captain C has it right… Wrexham Leader 23rd June 2020
    For those LEFTIE’S who refuse to acknowledge the truth, have a look….

    Atherton is quoted as saying the following…

    Headline: “Wrexham MP urges shoppers to support local businesses as lockdown measures are eased”

    Ms Atherton said: “Many small businesses in Wrexham and across the country have been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses across Wrexham have made huge financial sacrifices by shutting their doors to help slow and prevent the spread of coronavirus, we can show our support by making the choice to shop locally.
    “During the lockdown we have bought a great deal from the internet, but now that our shops are open, I encourage everyone to get back to buying from independent and local businesses wherever we can.
    “Wrexham has a variety of shops that need your support. From clothes, to DIY products and everything in between. Everything we need can be found on our doorstep.
    “Small businesses are at the heart of our communities.
    “Let’s do all that we can do to support local businesses and to awaken our high street from its long slumber.”

    Atherton’s sentiments could not be clearer…!

    @ Neverhard….LOL




    It gets tiresome the use of left and right this can be seen on many American newspaper forums. I want an adult conversation here not use of the words left, right and snowflake every other sentence or try doing something funny to entertain us.

    People’s criticisms are warranted she did send out her support for local businesses, nobody is denying that, people are angry because instead of engaging with her constituents she is promoting a major corporation (while it’s a local franchise, they have to send substantial fees to the headquarters) and promoting obesity. She didn’t even do it tastefully and focus on the social distance aspect alone she used it as a photo opportunity as if she is Michael O’Leary any press is good press attitude.


    Llayby lilly

    @ Madman. Your missing the fact that people are criticising her for merely representing a political party they don’t agree with or support. I’m no super fan of Atherton, I just believe she is new in post, she is trying to establish herself in a time of social distance – which is not easy. I feel we should give her time.

    As I said in a previous post, other retailers or business openers wishing to advertise should call upon her to support them, if she doesn’t then they should call her out on this. But let’s give her a chance!




    She had the first question at PMQ’s this week , so everyone UK wide that tune in, including all national media would have heard her question. Not the time to play party politics and snipe at the Welsh Assembly , Scotland and Northern Island about their cautious approach to relaxing restrictions, while praising Boris for his speed. She also managed to get some praise for herself from the PM by mentioning she had done several shifts at the Maelor Hospital.



    There goes another rib.



    She has now stated that she won’t even reply to emails. You couldn’t make it up. Whatever happened to contact your local MP if you need help?



    Sarah Atherton has, quite rightly in my opinion, stated she will not respond to twitter posts. If constituents have a problem that necessitates contacting her, courtesy surely demands that it is done in an appropriate manner, not a limited character tweet. Tweets inevitably attract derogatory posts, open to all and sundry.
    She is open to emails and telephone contact, as is proper and in my experience responds in a timely manner.
    Irrespective of whether she received your vote or not, she is our representative in Westminster and deserves the respect that the position warrants.
    Furthermore, I am total harmony with what she said at PMQ’s yesterday, that the 4 nations should be acting in a joined up manner during the current pandemic.
    However vituperate you wish to make your posts Matt, just make sure they’re factual (in less than 280 characters please).



    May I suggest that BenjaminM learns how to correctly use commas in a sentence first before moving on to big words such as vituperate.



    Not sure if you are being satirical or not Benjamin – as it seems like an absurd take, I clearly posted information from her website relating to the fact that she doesn’t respond to individual emails. A number of constituents have complained that she doesn’t advertise ways to get access to her weekly surgeries, which means with social media contact cut off as well – it is in fact very difficult to get any kind of access to Sarah Atherton, unless you are a friend of hers or singing from the same hymn sheet.

    Last time I checked forums are for opinion and those opinions I stand by.

    I reject the idea that you must respect a representative because of position alone. Respect is something that is earned. Ian Lucas was someone who earned respect of a lot of members of the community. However, there were others that were nothing but abusive continuously to himself and his family. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no place for nastyness, but unless we are suddenly living in Russia or North Korea then criticism about public officials is fair game in the UK. Otherwise you can just shut down all the papers, political cartoonists, Private Eye, take programmes away like Have I Got News For You AND certainly silence political stand-up. Makes no sense does it.

    Quite frankly I’d also struggle to extend my respects if my local MP was the likes of Boris Johnson, Mark Francois or Jacob Rees Mogg.

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