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    @Sam 1845 wrote:

    Well the first thing to save on would be funding for pending capital projects.

    Do we need the proposed one way system by the old Walnut pub ? ( as discussed on this forum ).

    Do we need public consultations when the outcome has already been penciled in ?

    Do we need to speak to several depts, all employing numerous people in reference to a simple question ?

    Do we need to provide expensive services to appease the minority ?

    What we do need is ……………..

    A fiance dept with the mentality of every homeowner in the area ? Pennywise !!!

    Spent on the essentials only to keep us all ticking over during the recession.

    And finally, someone, with balls too say, ”thats essential, thats not !!”.

    And now we see that there is a proposal of a park and ride in Ruabon.

    Another white elephant and yet another museum !

    Heritage is a nice luxury, but we need a future in Wrexham, not just a history.

    I’m fed up of pointing out to my kids, that’s where ………. used to be, or that’s where they used too make ……..

    Let’s have some real proposals for building a future for Wrexham, not these expensive historical memories.



    @Y Ffin 1844 wrote:

    I work for the council – don’t have a parking space, neither do my colleagues. Not sure what the one contributor means by luxuries: a wage that has been frozen for three years perhaps. I am not complaining, but do find people who spout opinions with checking their facts first rather tedious!!
    Half the council’s buildings are mothballed – drive down Grosvenor Road, look upstairs above BHS, check out Roxburgh House. there is no demand for commercial property in wrexham.

    Ideas for saving money – make all schools direct grant and scrap the LEAs. private schools manage without the equivalent well-paid bureaucracy, so what do the LEAs really do for our schools and our children. Perhaps they could tell us!!

    I used to work for the council and all staff got free parking, a pass for one of the council owned car parks or parking outside offices further out of town. As far as I am aware this continues. The floor above BHS was leased but the council backed out mid term. great saving! Grosvenor Road sale has fallen through a few times as the price was unrealistic.



    I see one of the suggested cuts by the Council is to withdraw all ” demand responsive” taxi services to areas not served by local buses. Apparently this would save £100,000. Can anyone explain exactly what this means? Do some people other than school children get taxis paid for by the Council? It is something I personally have never heard of before.



    £800,000 being spent on one community centre in Acton seems high when huge cuts have to be made by the Council.



    Are there cuts to be made in the large sums of money the Council spends on consultants?
    page 25 of the budget book shows this year £242,218 was spent on engineering consultants rising to £907,983 for 2012/13. This is just one department, I wonder what the total amount of money is spent by the Council annually on consultants. More importantly are they necessary?



    and a small thing that will help to get rid of the costs of cronyism… limit councillors to only two terms.



    Cancel the one way trial idea under the railway bridge in Stansty.

    Repair existing buildings instead of rebuilding new ones.

    Let empty council houses within 1 month instead of 5. Don’t replace kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows & central heating when there is no need.

    Do away with unnecessary pretty coloured tarmac & sign-age on roads where there is no chance to read them.

    Stop painting cycle tracks on perfectly wide roads where there is no need of them.



    @thewayneinspain 1860 wrote:

    When I mean mothballed, I also mean the new council offices next to the guild hall (or the guild hall itself – council meetings could be in the memorial hall) plus the people’s market except for the car park, moving the businesses either into the bus station or one of the other markets. I agree there is too much commercial space in wrexham, that is the councillors & their planners fault for giving permission and creating a shopping space bubble. A good example of wastage was considering all the buildings the council had empty, they still hired out the old kwik save for the library.

    I can think of three car parks in town that has space reserved for council staff or councillors… memorial hall/swimming baths, the guild hall/new council offices and peoples’ market car parks. So somebody whether council workers or councillors is getting space.[/QUOT
    don’t forget the large car parks in Grosvenor road behind the buildings where social services used to be, council staff have a pass for the barrier located by high speed tyres. And if anyone else tries to park there you succumb to abuse from the staff who park there. I for one had ‘ dick head’ scrawled across my boot in the dirt.



    @harry 1994 wrote:

    And if anyone else tries to park there you succumb to abuse from the staff who park there. I for one had ‘ dick head’ scrawled across my boot in the dirt.

    Ahh that will be our caring social workers for the area!


    Olivers Grandad

    Earlier this summer the grass around our estate was heavily overgrown on all of the amenity areas, I recall this was the same in many areas of Wrexham. I think the council reasoning was that as the grass/ground was so wet it would make a mess of the area if cut. Question is are the people who normally do this work employed by the council on a permanent contract? If so what work were they allocated if they were not cutting grass?

    Near enough all companies nationally have lost some workers over the past years due to the recession, have there been the same level of staff cutbacks in the council? If the level of services has decreased in the borough surely the persons who planned, procured, managed and carried out these services will have less work to complete, so what are they doing?
    Controversial I know but something that I am keen to understand.

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