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    Wrexham.com have again given the public a good insight into the farcical workings within the Guildhall and lack of direction, understanding and financial awareness by both officers and Council Members.

    The debate (which sounds more like a squabble) was riddled with ‘no detail’, ‘no decisions have been made’, ‘Part 2’. These antics from our elected members falls far short of the standards of behaviour that the public should expect from their elected Councillor.

    To say that there are no details available when a figure for example of £100k saving is proposed is nonsense- or are we in the realms of just plucking a random set of figures from the air. I’m sure they would all have the ‘detail’ if a proposal was put forward to cut all of their pay by 10%…

    These people are being paid large amounts of money to control the services and expenditure of the public purse yet they clearly do not have any concept of planning, openness or thought.

    How can we have a Council that has sets of figures that seem to vary by +/- the odd million here and there at most meetings or in press releases.

    If the Unions have been consulted why are they not sharing the information with their members, why are the Unions not sticking up for their Members — their silence with no comments is notable all of the time.

    Fair play to those Councillors who have tried to get to the bottom if some of the figures but it looks like there were only one or two who were raising questions — remember we have 52 and this is the most important decision-making process in the year — shame on those that did not attend- not being a Member of the Scrutiny committee is no excuse as everyone is entitled to attend.

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