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Wrexham’s First Police Commissioner Elections – How To Get Information…

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Monday, Oct 22nd, 2012.

NEW: North Wales Police Commissioner Election Candidates List & Statements Here

Wrexham.com was the first to preview the Police Commissioner elections (viewable here), however it seems the current ‘official sources’ out there are less than helpful for those who are just becoming aware of the election.

Nominations closed on Friday, and to ‘google’ to find information you would come across:

www.nwalespa.org – The North Wales Police Authority , the page has information (out of date now) on the nomination procedure. It also refers to a national site that will go live.

homeoffice.gov.uk/police/police-crime-commissioners/ The Home Office sub-site allows you to search for your local force for more information, however a Wrexham postcode search gives a visable link to North Wales Police website , however clicking it gives and error as the link is to www. not http://www. There is also a twitter box that currently says: “Latest tweets relating to #MyPCC No related tweets found”.

north-wales.police.uk If the Home Office link worked, it would send you to the North Wales Police website. There is nothing visible on the homepage or pages on sub navigation regarding the elections. Searching the words ‘election’ or ‘elections’ using the site search function returns “Sorry, no pages found containing your search terms.”

However there is a paid advert in Google for choosemypcc.org.uk , which does state full information on candidates will be online from Friday 26th.

Friday is only 20 days before the election takes place.

It is possible for people to withdraw their nominations until Friday, so as of writing this is the state of play in terms of candidates:

Colm McCabe – Conservatives
Winston Roddick – Independent
Richard Hibbs – Independent
Warwick Nicholson – UKIP
Tal Michael – Labour

Derek Barker (Conservatives) Withdrawn
Margaret Hanson (Labour) Withdrawn
Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru) Withdrawn
Terry Renshaw (Labour) Withdrawn

Those who are interested in taking part in the scrutiny of the new Commissioner needs to read this before Friday!

As always we will be updating Wrexhamites on the final nominations and election.

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