Recycling ‘Wheelie Boxes’ To Be Rolled Out To 13,000 Wrexham Properties

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    [quote quote=118453]These links may or may not help –

    Might take a while to get to grips with what goes where.

    My question is – when there is a plastic top on a plastic bottle, they need to be separated but what should you do if you can’t separate them? Just stick it in the general waste?


    In any case is there anything legal that requires you to recycle in the first place, I can’t find anything whatsoever, not a bean! just asking…..



    well wcbc you can stick your extra naff black box seeing how you now don’t have enough of the wheelie ones where the sun don’t shine, I have to walk down the entry dragging the green one let alone anything else, the bottle one will be even heavier so my bottles will be going into the main bin like the cardboard will undoubtedly end up as the bags never get returned or end up somewhere else..cant wait till the wind starts and we cant actually drive down the road for boxes everywhere, if there wasn’t enough of the wheelie ones for everyone then no one should get them unless we get a council tax rebate, so thanks but no thanks also curious to see how often bins will be emptied as they told my mum on the Wirral main bins for her are every 3 weeks, Wrexham will become an even bigger rubbish tip than it is already, no one else is getting the wheelie ones cos apparently the welsh government couldnt tell how many people live in wales,,theres a surprise so didnt allocate nearly enough so we will have black box no lid cos council cant afford lids…they really think its not gonna cost more when people are ringing for replacements cos there others are half down the a55 after a windy night



    I’m also unhappy with the new black box and blue bag we’ve been issued with for several reasons:

    1. It’s yet another ‘missile’ to be launched against my gates or car by the binmen.

    2. If the binmen don’t manage to launch it correctly against my gates or car then I have to spend my time looking around for it and guessing which part of the street it could be in.

    3. It hasn’t got a lid, so neighbours/anyone walking past can see what I eat and drink and which supermarkets I shop in. Gossip will begin about how I like a couple of Buds with a Bolognese made with Smart Price sauce, etc. Lol :D So, all glass will end up in general waste.

    4. The blue bag will disappear within a couple of weeks, yet we can’t put corrugated cardboard in the green bin anymore and we can’t be bothered ringing for a new blue bag every couple of weeks, so all cardboard will end up in general waste.

    5. Where the f**k are we supposed to put these extra boxes/bags?

    6. Why should we have to keep making extra trips to take out boxes/bags/bins every week. The council get paid for all our recycled waste and the binmen get paid a decent wage to do their job, yet we end up doing the job for them and we get charged more and more council tax every year!



    If you dont want to use the boxes send them back, fill your bin with recyclable waste then moan when your bin is overflowing. Bin men dont get paid a good wage as alot are agency staff, you are reluctant to sort out your own waste so why should they stick their hands into god knows what. Do you know how scary it is to be pricked by a needle and have to wait weeks for doctors results??

    And recycle box bowling is actually quite fun, especially when the car is newer than 07 plate 😂



    I always sort my recycling stuff but have gone many times to collect my green bucket and its not there, same with the blue bags we had,I have prob had maybe 5 in the last year even though I have my number on it, so because you have to wait till next bin day for a new one, the main bin has to be used..I certainly don’t think refuse collectors should have to dip into the bins as this isn’t their fault, but if we don’t all get wheelie ones the councils should provide lids so we can at least stack them and as for the food caddies we fill them, we put them out, they don’t get emptied so rotten stinking food sits around, it’s the council people have issue with not the collectors..well in my case anyways



    What are the single black boxes to be used for? They aren’t on the list. The amount of boxes & bins are starting to become ridiculous.



    I often wonder what people are eating and drinking when they moan about recycling boxes. We’re a family of 4 and our box for glass I could leave for 4 weekly collection without a problem. Plastic I put out fortnightly but could leave it 3 weekly. Waste food caddy we don’t use as it would take us all year to half fill it. Paper I put out fortnightly too and that’s with 2 of us working from home so quite a bit of paper waste from that.



    It would have made more sense if they had been made stackable with or without lids or wheels.



    the black boxes will be for glass bottles and jars and the green one only for tins and plastic bottles


    josh parry

    Just had mine and only delivered a glass box

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