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    Thankfully, the councillors have refused planning permission for a Macdonald’s drive through /restaurant on what is an already extremely busy part of town traffic wise. Apparently the planning department don’t think so. This is the same department that thinks it’s ok to build 7 flats in Cefn Mawr on the site of an old HSBC bank without parking because the planning officer doesn’t think that the tenants will own cars.
    The same officers that agreed with changing the terms of planning for the old Air Products site in Acrefair which resulted in the price for the site going from just over £1 million to over £3 million, a tidy profit for the sellers.
    Then we have the ‘bijou’ flats without any windows in certain rooms. Wasn’t it a planning officer that used the term ‘bijou’ and how can you be in favour of building new homes as such.
    I do wonder sometimes.



    Every time you read about planning applications no matter how bl00dy stupid and potentially dangerous there is always the line “The proposals [INSERT ANYTHING HERE] for has been recommended for approval by Lawrence Isted, Wrexham Council’s chief planning officer.”

    I don’t know where Mr Isted lives or any of his planning department but they mustn’t live in Wrexham or they would know how stupid their approvals are. The councillors are there to represent LOCAL people who live in the area and have to live with decisions and there have been a LOT recently. Listen to them, they know what the local concerns are.

    I bet he would give permissions for the “sink hole” in Rhosddu or retrospective permission now.

    - STAY AT HOME -



    I think it is totally unfair the criticism that is being levelled at the Planning Department and its’ officers.
    Their task is to apply the relevant national and local legislation, codes of practice and guidance notes dispassionately. If the submission fulfils the criteria, they have no alternative but to recommend granting the application.
    That is when the problems begin!
    I wish some who constantly level criticism would take the time to view a Planning Committee meeting. Farcical does not come even close to the way the members participate. Some clearly have not read the documents beforehand, others appear mystified and the general impression is of total disarray.
    Do you thing it is by accident that many of the appeals launched are successful when decisions made are contrary to the professional advice received? I certainly don’t.



    Wrexham planning department & planning officer are terrible & need urgent reform or replacing, but finally they get a decision right & the councils go against their advice of McDonalds.


    Born Acorn

    I think this was a pure “buck passing” exercise. The committee look good for saying no, the WG look bad for thrusting decisions on us when they allow the inevitable appeal.

    The council then paying costs isn’t politically toxic, so the committee members get off scot free.

    Seems to happen every time.


    David Thomas

    I don’t get why the land on st Giles way doesn’t sell, even if the numpties at the council leveled it into a £2 a day car park.

    Couldn’t they sell it to develop into McDonald drive thru?



    Your talking about Wrexham council here they don’t do sense. Anyway I thought that land was prone to flooding, I think planning permission was refused a couple of month ago.



    Think the planning that was refused was land facing Bridge Street not St Giles Way. Don’t think any planning application has been made on the St Giles Way vacant land.



    I would have thought that land would be prone to flooding as well.I also thought their was plans for a hotel on the St Giles Way.

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