Boris neglects Wales – again! Spend, spend, spend (for England only)

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    Yet again Boris is going for headline grabbing statements- extra £1.8 billion for the Health Service – England only with no such announcements for Wales.
    Wales is fast becoming a poor relation to Westminster – all he has announced so far since taking up office is £300 million for Scotland, Wales and Northern Island – crumbs off the table! He has offered more for smaller regions in England than the whole of Wales.

    This is all pre-Brexit so you can imagine what the payout to Wales is likley to be –

    Come on all you Boris supporters please let the rest of us know what your hero is doing for us in Wales..



    Time for a United Kingdom again starting with a National Health Service!



    I would love to know where he found the Magic Money Tree orchard in the garden of 10, Downing St.
    Theresa May found it to bribe the political wing of the Northern Ireland terrorist Group the UDA, £1bn+ to the DUP to prop up the Tory Gov.
    Why not find it for education, increased oap pensions, tv licence for pensioners etc etc?



    We will *always* be an afterthought. They will always do what’s best for England (particularly South East England), especially while it remains in the hands of the Tories, but even under a Labour government, things wouldn’t be all that different. When (not if) Scotland leaves the UK, Wales will have even less control over its own destiny than it does now. One day, the people of North East Wales will snap out of the Stockholm Syndrome and realise just how poorly Westminster thinks of Wales. We are a resource for them to use. That’s all we will ever be. I just hope it’s not too late by the time we finally wake up.



    Still no Boris supporters prepared to take up my challenge to defend his actions or lack of action for Wales



    Sorry mate,too busy getting on with me life.


    AMA Express

    Not a Boris supporter but simple facts are, population of Wales approximately 3.5 million, against England’s population of about 55 million. Why should Wales get any more ?



    Barnett formula means if England is getting £1.8bn Wales will automatically get about £106m.

    Surely even the English should feel swindled though as didn’t that Brexit bus promise an extra £350m per week for the NHS? Like ongoing forever.

    £1.8bn equates to a paltry 5 weeks of money at that rate. Sham all round.



    Wales voted for Brexit so we don’t need the money to bribe us. Perhaps the ‘gonner’ Lucas could do with some to ‘additional finance’ to get him to follow the peoples mandate. He will be bleating about ‘no deal’ again, when he has not voted for one in spite of many opportunities. Lucas has to go.



    I’m not blaming Westminster for being short-changed, look at all the investment Cardiff, Swansea and Newport have received

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