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    So lead member Councillor Hugh Jones is to look at ‘ the nuance ‘ of the advice coming from the Senedd to see if they can exercise more exemptions to catch up with other Welsh councils.
    The advice such as ‘ where there are back to back houses and no crossings. He knows Rossett better than I but I can’t see any there .
    I do know my own community of Gresford ( and neighbouring Marford) , having represented it for a number of years . I could not see any roads that fit that description. Part of Chester Road goes along the back of houses but leads straight to a busy pedestrian crossing well used by children, parents and shoppers.
    Methinks there is a bit of ( typical) buck passing, similar to the lack of development planning by some of my ex colleagues!



    In reply to IHMO I am glad to say that in the 30+ years since I took my first flight I have not crashed to the ground or been involved in a hijack. I do ,however, welcome any measures that make this less likely!



    In his thirst to be the first UK country to implement unpopular measures, Drakeford The Welsh Dictator, in order to minimise risk save lives and move towards “net zero”, whatever that is, decides to impose a one leisure flight per year restriction on Welsh residents. As you say you would welcome any measures to reduce the risk of crashing to the ground or being involved in a hijack, would you welcome this?


    Owain Glyndwr

    I have been overtaken doing 20mph in Llay, on Holt Road, Ruthin Road and Chester Road a few times. There are no consequences for the drivers doing the overtaking.
    Keeping an eye on the speedo is dangerous especially when you have a van up your a$$ but the law is the law and me complaining won’t do anything.

    People are taking more risks now though. Look at the lad who crashed on the bridge in Bradley Road the other day, he wasn’t doing 20 (and had no road tax) They have traffic lights there now while they repair the wall.



    YES 20MPH … On sideroads, estates, outside schools etc (Even then most drivers don’t observe the speed limites). But ALL A & B Roads should be normal speed be it 30 or above (Unless outside Schools etc)!


    AMA Express

    There can be quite a significant difference in maintaining 20mph according to the cars speedometer compared to the speed according to GPS. Most modern cars have a discrepancy of +3 mph on their speedometers.



    Dripford Rules… although didn’t he say he was going to retire soon.



    Bit of a convert here ! As a pedestrian the roads are quieter and crossings feel safer, as a driver keeping down to 20 mph is difficult going down hill and more gear changes going up hill. Not sure how helpful reintroducing 30 mph on a few hundred yards of road is going to be.

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