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    Part of the problem with Council leisure facilities, particular swimming, is finding a daytime slot which is suitable. Much of the available time during the day (rightly) is taken up by school swimming sessions, and when you take into account learner classes and other special groups such as mother and toddler etc. there is actually not much time for the casual swimmer. I can not see how the consultants say the facilities are under used during the day, as if you look at the timetables of sessions for the pools they are pretty much fully utilised. If the reserved sessions are not well used maybe these should be reduced or done away with.

    I can not see where the saving is going to come from if closing these two Leisure Centres is going to result in the capital cost of about £12M for a replacement, and I presume that the new facility will have running costs as well.



    In answer to shaun123, totally agree like a big huge sun centre.



    The empty Total Fitness facility crossed my mind , purpose built and has plenty of parking and within walking distance to the town centre . There would be a cost to purchase and refurbishing or perhaps it could be run as a separate commercial facility that would be profitable without the presence of Waterworld. I think it is in the Mayor’s ward so,perhaps he could follow it up.



    @Rob 10847 wrote:

    There has been a few calls for a new arts centre in town – and if rumours that the police may end up in the library building are true then where could that move to?

    Would be better to be full circle back to the museum buildings for the police! :)

    Waterworld building could make a good museum/theatre/library/arts complex.



    Wouldn’t there be too much glass for a museum, theatre or library.



    Apparently the site of the current Crown buildings is favoured- so does this mean the council are actually looking for some plush new offices for their staff which just happens to have a leisure centre attached at the side?

    If I recall Crown buildings is long overdue demolition.



    I don’t think WCBC own the Crown Buildings site.



    Was it not on these forums that I read the Council were moving staff from Crown Buildings to the Wrexham Industrial Estate?I believe there is a lot more to this than the public are being told.The plans could be already in place to revamp Waterworld,Police Station and Crown Buildings but nobody will say.



    I knew I had written it somewhere – Council Overspends Discussed At Scrutiny Committee | Wrexham.com :

    “It was also revealed that Crown Buildings are ‘not required long term’, and is apparently known as the ‘departure lounge’ as teams there often get moved out of the town centre.”


    Looks like Wrexham won’t be the only town to have it’s leisure facilities taken away leisure
    Rhyl Sun Centre and Nova Centre set to close – North Wales Weekly News

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