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    Unless I’m mistaken though Captain I was still correctly referring to the affluent North Wrexham Rural Tory heartland bubble which is her domain, as opposed to the most deprived areas of the middle of Wrexham town where all the “oiks” live.

    Don’t her 4 points of objection she made Re: Rossett also hold equal and if not more validity in Hightown and Caia? Why isn’t she going to bat for those constituents in those areas in equal measure?

    Are the children of Caia not alarmed by seeing people wearing Hazmat suits?

    Would people travelling some distance for a Covid test (according to her logic) not want to visit the shops in Hightown in a densely populated area after a test thus increasing the spread of the virus to the local area?

    She goes on in her letter how the obvious sites for the testing centres was in a rural area with good road access.

    Seems bizarre to me.



    But she did not.



    Wexit – Simon is not with Sarah Atherton as it is not his patch — why would he come to Wrexham when he is South Clwyd


    Captain C

    Cia is not in the middle of Wrexham Town, no more than Acton, Garden Village, Hightown, Rhosddu etc’. All the “oiks” do not live in Cia as you state, there are lots of lovely and really nice people living there.
    Just because Gresford and Rossett are on the Chester side of Wrexham there are still council houses there and you could use the same excuse for Llay and Caergwrle.

    This is all about hating the Party that got into power and supporting the one that shot themselves in the foot by their poor choice of leader and some of their stupid policies.



    You’re a Tory, you’re supposed to think Labour has a ‘poor choice’ of leader. The more you hate their choice of leader, the better s/he is. That’s democracy and opposition.

    It’s not Labour’s job to become the Tory reserves party for your pleasant convenience.


    Captain C

    I did not state that I’m a Tory, I stated that your choice of leader was a very poor one and with your new choice you would have had a better chance. I just hate opposition for the sake of it as it should be constructive opposition. I know Ian Lucas and Lesley Griffiths very well indeed but I did not come on here and slag them off because they are Labour, both are very nice people indeed. So grow up and don’t oppose for the sake of it and get behind whoever we have looking after our area.



    I oppose these Conservatives because they’re bad for the area and bad for the country. That’s not opposition for the sake of it, it’s opposition to rubbish.

    Sorry if that doesn’t fit your lazy little trope.


    Captain C

    That’s called an opinion and we are all entitled to one of those.

    Just stop hitting out at others who do not share your view. Sarah Atherton is very new to the job and I’m sure doing the best she can under the circumstances but to slag her off on a personal level is just not on. They always used to say that put up a clown with a red flag in Wrexham and they would get elected but for once this did not happen mostly down to the clown in charge of the party who was unelectable.

    In these difficult times we should all stand together and not keep repeating the same “we would have done it differently if we had been in charge). Who can tell what would have happened under a different leader, may be better or may be worse.



    Read your second paragraph again and spot the problem.



    Could we just stick to the case in point & stop slagging off politicians of every ilk? It is boring for the rest of us.
    The time for an inquiry will be if/when we get out of this mess. Everyone needs to do their bit. You shouldn’t need a politician to tell you how to do that.

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