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    Some Councillors have expressed frustration that PCSOs soon move on and that numbers are generally down. Councillor Williams quotes an example where in his area, there is one instead of the agreed allocation of three, a number which he has never seen. The Councillors feel frustration because they are told that the establishment number has recently risen to full capacity but see a reduced physical presence on the streets. How can this be? Well, clearly some Councillors are not keeping themselves up to date with Organic Learning. I thought everyone was familiar with its concept, but it seems not.

    However, we need not worry, as an ‘explanation’ is duly provided by Wrexham Police. The written response to their concerns provides an enlightening and unambiguous reassurance to us all, in simple plain English.

    Apparently, PCSOs now share a ward cluster, which means that three may cover an area instead of five – and presumably one instead of three in the case of Broughton. Contrary to what you may imagine would be the consequence of reduced ward numbers, we are told that this actually gives a ward access to more resources and reduce times when no PCSOs are available.

    As the Councillors couldn’t quite see how three instead of five was going to achieve this, I was pleased to see in the explanation that it is made possible as the result of the ‘new operational improvement programme’, with which we’re all familiar, and is an ‘organic learning process’ for any Councillors unaware of the benefits of the ward cluster model. Presumably, the organic learning process has yet to include Councillors.

    So, now that’s all crystal clear, be assured that they’re out there. They’re just somewhere else.



    What I don’t understand is why anybody would be annoyed that PCSOs move on because then they become fully fledged police officers for the most part and become infinitely more useful at preventing and catching criminals.

    At no point when there’s been a criminal do you think oh I wish a PCSO would turn up rather than the actual police.

    Perhaps certain councillors perceive them as a false sense of security having them about to lecture kids for causing a nuisance but the rest of us when we dial 999 we want plod official and not plod light.

    I think there is a steady supply of new officers and PCSOs looking to stepping stone their way to a proper career but councillors should be proud that those who had to prove themselves in their wards want to go and do real crime fighting rather than wishing they stayed and holding them back.

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