Posted: Mon 1st Apr 2024

No plans for ‘Wrexham One’ skyscraper or new city skyline policy for people living in or visiting the Wrexham area

Yes it is April 1st, and so there are no plans for a skyscraper on the Groves! Yet.

This is also a good excuse to revisit some previous wind ups…


Original April Fool below…

Plans are being prepared for Wrexham’s first ‘skyscraper’, with a new policy document being hurriedly created to control the changing face of Wrexham’s skyline.

A new report by developers states, “As Wrexham is a City, and all cities have skyscrapers, we are proud to be proposing the first 148 meter tall skyscraper in Wrexham.

“It is notable this will be taller than the Meridian Quay building in Cardiff (107m) and therefore the tallest building in Wales”

In the consultation going live later today it states, “Wrexham now has great links once again with America, with cities famed for ambitious skylines and ‘downtown’ CBD districts. Wrexham as the prospective leading city in Wales deserves to grow and take the rightful number one slot”.

“Our vision is for Wrexham One to be recognised internationally as one of the world’s greenest large mixed use developments, and spark a redefining of the newest city.”

“As masterplanners of the Groves site, it’s our job to design a place that seamlessly reconnects this area to the surrounding city and local communities, drawing people from all walks of life to regenerate and build real bonds.

“The Wrexham One space will not just be vertically 36 floors but also 36 different ways to live, work and thrive in Wrexham. It will be a beacon to the world of our, and your, ambition”.

A range of consultation events are due soon, with developers saying, “We’ll be gathering ideas on how we can build the Wrexham One community before any development even starts. We want to hear your ideas at any in-person and virtual activities and events we will be holding”

The timeline presented indicates consultation over the Summer could lead to a planning application towards Christmas, and if approved, a three year building project to start in mid-2025.

‘Tall Building Control’ Policy

On the back of the proposal a new local policy document is being drawn up to control such developments that were not on the agenda before Wrexham became a city.

The new policy will “identify which areas of the City are appropriate for tall buildings and, within these areas, indicate appropriate building heights to provide necessary guidance on tall building development and accord with the Wrexham Plan”

Some architectural gems in Wrexham will be spared from over development such as St Giles, Ty Pawb and Island Green, “The skyscraper policy should consider potential negative impacts on significant buildings from the development of tall buildings and provide clear guidance to manage down building heights in proximity to those listed and their settings”.

The preliminary notes states, “Development proposals should not harm, and should seek to make a positive contribution to, the characteristics and composition of Strategic Views and their landmark elements. They should also preserve and, where possible, enhance viewers’ ability to recognise and to appreciate Strategically Important Landmarks in these views and, where appropriate, protect the silhouette of landmark elements of World Heritage Sites as seen from designated viewing places.”

Such large scale buildings could be seen as part of a wider emerging skyline of Wrexham, with protected views, “Panoramas should be managed so that development fits within the prevailing pattern of buildings and spaces, and should not detract from the panorama as a whole. The management of views containing Strategically-Important Landmarks should afford them an appropriate setting and prevent a canyon effect from new buildings crowding in too close to the Strategically-Important Landmark in the foreground, middle ground or background where appropriate”.

A definition of what will be a ‘tall building’ is included with ‘Wrexham One’ being covered, “This policy seeks to guide and manage the location, scale and development of tall buildings in the borough. Buildings of more than 30 metres, or those which are more than twice the height of surrounding buildings (whichever is less) will be considered to be a tall building”.

The consultation website will formally launch at midday.

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