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    challenging question, which do I think is better?
    well I think a better question is do i prefer:-
    a) millions of fit and healthy people not working and feeling like they are entitled to relax and not work and get paid for the privilege, and most people being ok with it or having no real right to complain about it.
    b) millions of fit and healthy people not working, a select few feeling entitled to sit on their backside, but the majority actually looking for work and many actually creating jobs by starting businesses and creating more jobs, and the ones who feel entitled get pressured by society to change their ways.

    the first one yields no improvement in our situation.
    the second one yields potential for growth of the jobs market and reduction of the deficit.

    furthermore, I don’t think it’s fair to say people should retire to open up job positions for the young. by that logic, we should be advocating euthenisation of old people to make housing space for young people.
    not to mention, the people who have been doing that job for years has amazing experience. experience being the thing that is keeping many youngsters from getting work in the first place. there are many skilled jobs who can’t fill the position because there is nobody who is experienced enough.


    Mike Davies

    You say it is a challenging question, But why not answer the original question instead of creating one you prefer to answer yourself though.

    Furthermore, Nobody is advocating people being forced to retire and handing over their job to a younger person. It is a bit ingenuous to try to twist the whole issue into something else and bring up such an emotive subject as euthanasia.



    no, because i was trying to focus on my point rather than being evasive.
    if you really need a material answer, if it wasn’t obvious enough, I would advocate more youngsters unemployed rather than people retire.
    because those youngsters are more likely to create more jobs through entrepreneurship.
    retiring by its very definition will not yield potential jobs increase.



    No wonder you don’t have a job, you are a trolling idiot

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