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    Today we have covered the public sector protests that occured in Wrexham – Wrexham Public Sector Workers Join Pension Cut Protests | – which were focused on changes to pension schemes.

    Namely this will involve people paying more into their pensions, and being expected to work longer before they see any of it back.

    Are you supporting the protests? Or are you against the protests?

    I have attached a poll (that any registered’er can anonymously vote on) but we are interested to hear your views as well!



    Bring the public sector into line with the private. Everyone is having to suffer so why should they be exempt?


    Mike Davies

    Who exactly is exempt in the public sector? And exempt from what exactly?

    A pay freeze for 2 or 3 years for most, loss of jobs for many, same increases in bills and VAT as everyone else!!!

    A very naive post I would suggest.



    Any more views on this – currently a near even split on the votes!



    Broadly speaking, people doing a particular job in the public sector tend to get paid comparatively less than if doing the same job in the private sector. Although given the state of things, the gap is narrower than its ever been.

    It’s the ones at the top of the pyramid that tend to generate the bad publicity. They appear to avoid any of these freezes/cuts, and then there’s the expenses!

    It’s only natural to fight for what you signed up for originally.

    So I have complete sympathy for people on the lower pay scales, which is the main group protesting at having pay and conditions slowly eroded. A little here, and a little there, before you know it’s all gone.

    I’ve been on both sides, so I can appreciate the frustration. My own included.



    Its the ones at the top that wouldn’t survive in the private sector. Incompetence rules covered up by the old boy network.



    the majority of the budget goes on NHS and pensions. if we are treating people to be more healthy and live longer, they should be working longer, not getting comparatively more money from the pensions. if we don’t increase the retiring age in line with NHS expenditure, we will never get out of this hole we have dug.
    sure, employment increase would help, but to do that we need to increase public morale and that will increase spending and will create more jobs.
    reducing the deficit will go a long way towards that.

    I accidentally hit the wrong vote button. there should be one less on yes and one more on no.
    I surely sympathise with people feeling like they are being attacked or getting a ‘bum deal’, but I am currently without work. they have work. if they want to retire earlier then let them give me their job and they can go on jobseekers instead.


    Mike Davies

    You have hit the nail on the head. Yes, people are living longer, but if they have to work longer they will keep their jobs for longer, leading to less jobs for the young.

    So, would you rather have millions of people in their late 60s in work and millions of youngsters on the dole. Or millions of people in their 60s retired and millions of youngsters in work?



    I would prefer the younger in work. With regards to the pensions protest. The government wants them to increase their pension contributions by 3%. When I worked in the public sector I was paying 6% so this would have increased it to 9% of salary which was an average salary for the time and this was before tax and NI contributions.


    Mike Davies

    I’m a firefighter, I pay 11.6% at the moment!

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