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    Are these Councillors of right mind?. Elected to represent the whole of their borough, irrespective of party politics, they choose to boycott the City Status ceremony. In my opinion, what a shabby outfit. God help us if they were to gain power of Wrexham Council.


    Captain C

    I just can’t believe or understand what they are thinking about. This is such a large occasion for the City of Wrexham and they should be ashamed of themselves. God help us if they were in charge of Wales not just Wrexham. The King is coming to Wrexham “God save the King”



    The issue is bigger than Plaid’s stance and that is why have the public not been told in advance- many people might have wanted to take their children, but no opportunity has been given.
    Appreciate this is not possibly in the control of the Council but someone needs to recognise that City Status is for all not just a group of elites who do not represent the population of Wrexham – a guest list that has been hand picked.



    What a pointless and immature gesture from our illustrious Plaid Cymru Councillors. Do they really think that their presence will be missed?
    I’m sure the historic occasion will go ahead flawlessly and will be welcomed by the city’s residents.

    I wonder how they’re feeling now that the latest Census figures show that there is a decline in Welsh language speakers? Not going to plan is it?



    JaneJ. “a guest list that has been hand-picked” Of course it has been hand-picked, these occasions always are. Plaid Cymru were according to reports given an invitation to attend and chose not too.



    Well. I am not a fan of the Royal family and the idea of being ‘ruled’ by a person does not sit well with me, or having an English Prince of Wales.

    However when I was an elected councillor of my local community I acted as I believed my community wanted me to, representing them, not myself and my personal views. As a result I met members of the Royal family on a number of occasions.
    Yes I bigged up my village and passed on good wishes from the many residents that meant it.

    I think ‘Plaid’ have got this one very wrong.


    Captain C

    I bet Plaid feel very foolish now. This is not about their silly politics it’s about making Wrexham great again. Just imagine how many votes they will have lost in Wrexham with their misreading of the public opinion towards the Royalty.



    Whilst I have always been a Republican this is just playing’ whatever it is I am against it ‘ immaturity politics typical of our local plaid.
    I turned down the mayoralty when it was suggested to me , on more than one occasion, and my republicanism was certainly a factor .
    I never however felt I had to share that with banner headlines , and if still a WCBC councillor would just not have attended this function.
    The wish to ‘ headline’ every little twitch of political feeling would make a great study for some political/ physiological minded person !


    Owain Glyndwr

    Charles wasn’t my prince and isn’t my king.
    Charles and Camilla began having an affair in 1986, despite both being married to other people.
    The royal family are a joke – After Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remain Britain’s most unpopular royals

    BUT should Plaid have boycotted the event? Probably not as they are there to represent the electorate.

    Pity the event wasn’t publicised.


    Captain C

    Diana was having loads of affairs long before Charles and Harry looks just like his Dad (DNA Test should be done). I am proud to be Welsh and British. Charles is the King of the UK and we should be proud of him and not slag him off at every oportunity.

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