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    There are a number of lay-bys on the A483 between Wrexham and Chester which attract HGV’s and others to park in. As they are of relatively short length vehicles rejoin the road at slow speeds, this has resulted in at least one fatal accident.One solution would be to close off all the lay-bys on that stretch. A better solution would be to close all but one on each side and make that a proper off road parking area, with a longer acceleration lane. Any other ideas?



    Closing the laybys around gresford hill sounds good.

    In the last week I have seen several instances of poor driving rather than road issues which could have caused a smash :
    – People cutting in infront of cars on slip roads
    – Joining the bypass doing 30-40mph rather than building up speed
    – Lorries tailgating others.

    Also I had a lorry loaded with logs have its tyre burst infront of me last week, and driving past after it slowed down it seemed most of them were pretty bald / looking over loaded.

    There are elements of the infrastructure that can be improved – I wrote a483 Aquaplaning Spot Warning | as there is a consistently bad spot whenever it rains – however humans can help the problem as well!



    Perhaps it would be useful to educate some of the idiots who steam up behind a truck at 75-80mph without realising that the truck is only capable of a maximum of 56mph.

    As for those who think that they’ve see bald tyres on a truck that’s still in motion, I doubt it. If a tyre blows it’s bound to put more pressure on the remaining ones, think about it. Anyway, trucks are subject to a safety inspection every 6 weeks. When was the last time you paid for a thorough mechanical inspection of your car ?

    Rather than closing lay-bys, why not provide MORE adequate stopping and ovenight parking for trucks in the area?


    Mike Davies

    I think a better question would be “how can poor drivers be made safer”



    There was space around the England/Wales border for a proper services type setup but it was never built for some reason.

    I agree most trucks, probably bigger firms etc , have safety checks however that one certainly had bald tyres – and you see it more on normal cars as perhaps car maintainance becomes less of a priority or affordable?

    Had another cracker on the a483 yesterday though, a nice bit of 2×4 sat in one of the lanes!



    Another bump on there this morning, minor though so not as bad as recent stuff thankfully!



    Jaguar left facing the wrong way and hits the central barrier this afternoon, are there safety issues or bad driving? I think there are definitely safety concerns around Gresford hill.

    Queues On A483 Southbound After Car Hits Central Reservation |



    The problem in the roads isn’t the road design, it isn’t the slip roads or the layby’s. The biggest problem is the morons who like to use them as racing tracks.

    If people learned to slow down, there wouldn’t be so many accidents. They do it by the police station and on Mold Road too. They see 2 lanes and put their foot down.

    I nearly got killed when I lived in Warrington because of a moron going to fast. My fiance has been knocked off his bike going to work by morons who can’t drive.

    I think better education to drivers is the way to go. And harsher penalties to those who think 30mph down Holt Road is too slow.



    The drivers around wrexham do not appear to know how to use trunk roads, frequently (daily) whilst driving in the nearside lane of the 483 I have driving pulling onto the 4833 who seem to expect it is the duty of the motorist already on the bypass to swap lanes regardless of traffic to allow them to join at their speed. They do not seem to understand that it is the duty of the driver using the sliproad to adjust their speed to match the traffic not the other way around. I feel the majority of incidents on the 483 are caused by poor car drivers not being aware of the road conditions rather than there being any safety issues with the design of the bypass.

    IMHO I feel that the 483 around Wrexham is far safer than further down between Ruabon and Oswestry which I believe has had far more fatal and serious incidents. Could be something for a keen reporter to research. :p



    I totally agree, there is always someone driving straight down the middle praying that no one else pulls out! How there are not daily head on crashes on that piece of road is a miracle. No overtaking on the bridges might be a start.

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