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    Hi, when my mother passed away a few months ago she left behind a large number of books. I have used Music Magpie to sell the books which have barcodes on them. I now have probably around 50 books that I am looking to sell which are older books and some are worth £10+ on eBay.

    Apart from eBay, does anyone know where would be interested in buying these books?



    Give them to the homeless, they can burn them to keep warm.

    Half of Wrexham would probably struggle to read a book, if they knew what it was.


    Welsh Dresser

    There is a shop down the arcade across from QD in Wrexham that might be interested. The names escapes me at the moment.

    Would you consider donating them to a chatiry shop or maybe try Gumtree?


    Tut Tut Welsh Dresser; how can you forget the name of a local shop.

    On the point in question……you would be much better selling them on line on Ebay, Alibris, Abe or Amazon. Please bear in mind that the price that you have seen on Internet sites may be for specific editions and it might also represent the price that the seller would want to get…..not what they get.

    There are several local places that buy books including places in Summerhil, Marchweil, Llangollen and Wrexham. At a guess, you’ll find that there will be little interest unless they are actually collectible.

    Best of luck!


    Welsh Dresser

    Alunh I am blaming old age!



    Gresford now run their own “ independent “ library and regularly get books donated to sell on to others as a way of fundraising. You can drop them off to the library – on Vicarage Lane – just above the Plough- during opening hours ( Tuesday 2-5 pm ) ( Wednesday 2-5 pm ) ( Friday 9-5 pm or ( Saturday 10-1.0 pm ) .

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