Posted: Wed 27th Mar 2024

“Disrespectful” easter egg hunt in cemetery cancelled after backlash for people living in or visiting the Wrexham area

An easter egg hunt that was due to be held in a cemetery has been cancelled following some firm social media kick back.

Friends of Wrexham Cemetery had organised an egg hunt at Wrexham cemetery on Ruabon Road next week however have had to cancel it following criticism.

Friends of Wrexham Cemetery initially said, “What a wonderful idea to get young people interested in local genealogy. Those saying it is disrespectful and that grave yards shouldn’t be played on forget that Ruthin road cemetery is now a play ground. Part of Victoria Junior School. The section that will be used is occupied by the dead from a century ago and will not affect any recent internments. Children will undoubtably be on the paths not climbing on graves. I am at a loss as to why anyone would be angered by children enjoying an outdoor space it should be encouraged.”

“I think you should credit children with more as I know of no child who would purposefully be disrespectful of a mourner. Some of the comments are disproportionate and assumptive. It will be a fully supervised and enjoyable no doubt. It’s a shame some have voiced their concerns in such an aggressive way, hopefully the replies have allayed those concerns.”

However that response was questioned with members of the public calling it ‘extremely disrespectful’ and questioning if it was a joke.

Organisers said, “The whole point is to actively encourage people to visit the historic cemetery so no that would defeat the purpose”.

Later following the firm feedback they said, “We as friends of Wrexham Cemetery have had to make an emergency decision to cancel our event to safeguard the young people that we’re going to participate in the garden and paths of our outdoor museum”.

That cancellation post then encountered more negative feedback with people questioning if the cemetery was an ‘outdoor museum’.

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