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    Good to see this project hopefully being fully operational after so many months/years

    This empty property I believe belonging to the Ty Pawb revenue fund was refurbished, I would presume, at quite a substantial cost, only to find out there were no staff to man it. Could it have been a cover to transfer the rental income to Ty Pawb to lessen the losses incurred in running that project?



    Jimbow – cynical view but probably close to the mark
    Totally ridiculous that Wrexham get city status but doesn’t have a Tourist Information Centre open immediately to capitalise on inquisitive people who want to come to the new city.

    The Council were the same when World Heritage Site status was awarded for the aqueduct and Dee Valley – nearly two-mile before information appeared on road signs and nearly three before there was car park for buses-

    So many wasted opportunities.

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