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    I live in Wrexham and all over the country it is known as Wrexham. Why now in a competition for the whole of GB change it? Either use both or none at all.



    I have never been able to understand why place names need to be bi-lingual. However, I have lived in Wrexham for over half a century & Have only ever known it as Wrexham.
    If this is the way forward I may well change my street address as well. That might confuse the postman a bit as quite often the post isn’t delivered to the correct postcode.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Place names are bilingual in Wales because cities, towns, villages, hills and rivers are known by different names by speakers of different languages – in our case, Welsh and English. These names have developed over a long period of time because these places have been inhabited or known by speakers of both languages. It is only recently has any official organization given itself the power to change those names.

    The existence of multiple names for places is a very common situation throughout the world but somehow appears to be a concept that some people on this island find difficult to comprehend. There are places in mainland Europe that historically have or had three, four or more names. Can’t see the problem, unless you have a thing about people speaking different languages to you.



    Have Wrexham.Com just put up the Welsh version of the logo or is this the one and only one – if there is only one then the Council have gone against their own Welsh language policy of giving EQUAL status to English and Welsh — the question is not about it being in Welsh but whether the whole of the City of Culture and then presumably the City bid as well will be based on the spelling of Wrexham!!

    OR is this a ploy tom try and get the Plaid anti city status application on board by trying to get a bigger Welsh image for the town..



    I have no problem whether it is called Wrecsam or Wrexham. My problem is all the paper that is put into my blue sack. Couldn’t it have been part of the census whereby people could choose which language they want for their bills & bank statements.



    I still get letters saying Wrexham is in Clwyd, also when I fill my address online it comes up Clwyd. Our county has been Wrexham/Wrecsam for a few years now.


    Captain C

    I have lived in Wrexham all my life (so far) and it was always Wrexham up till a few years ago.

    When I was on the exec’ committee for Wrexham Youth football this guy put forward that the league should be called “Wrecsam Youth League” and did not like it being pointed out to him that it should be English/Welsh but not in the same sentence. I don’t know when Chester became Caer as I have never referred to chester in that way. Deverdoeu was a Welsh name for Chester as late as the 12th century so lets go back to that if we want to change a English name into a Welsh one.


    Owain Glyndwr

    Its your own choice which to use, but google annoyingly changes it to English if you want to use maps for direction.



    Old Maps spell it as Gwrecsam.



    This really shouldn’t be hard.

    If writing in English, then it’s Wrexham.

    Os yn ‘sgrifennu yn Gymraeg, Wrecsam yw. Er y byddai’n well gen i gael enw Cymraeg go iawn, dim wedi tarddio mor amlwg o’r un Saesneg. “Caer Fantell” er enghraifft.

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