Wrexham called a City, when you can’t get a mobile signal, ridiculous.

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    Businesses and residents require a 5G mast, surely a ‘City’ like Wrexham should have one/2.
    It is obvious that Councillors do not want progress, just empty Shops, easier to manage.



    Yes, one of the sites turned down was on the ring road in town, they said it would look out of place. That site has been empty for years it looks a right tip.



    Ask Cllr Hugh Jones about the WiFi system paid for but never delivered linked to CCTV.



    It’s not really the council’s fault.
    Every time a 5G mast gets to the planning committee, they’re flooded with objection letters from NIMBYs and tinfoil hatters.


    Born Acorn

    Someone needs to go back in time and tell Victorian London it can’t be a city because it hasn’t got a mobile signal.



    Brynteg to get a upgrade to a 5g mast but not the city centre.


    Born Acorn

    Weirdly this is the second application for this mast. The first was approved in May. Made me curious about what the state of these are:

    • P/2023/0208 – St Giles way, Wrexham – REFUSED – “spoiling the street scene”.
    • P/2023/0313 – Outside Ramada – GRANTED
    • P/2023/0282 – Chester Road, outside St Margarets – REFUSED – “spoiling the street scene”
    • P/2023/0265 – Amanda Grove, Rhostyllen – REFUSED – “spoiling the street scene”
    • P/2023/0239 – Long Lane And Darby Road, Brynteg – GRANTED
    • P/2023/0207 – Bottom Road And Bryn Coed, Gwersyllt – GRANTED
    • P/2023/0303 – Kingsmills Road, Wrexham – GRANTED
    • P/2023/0351 – Box Lane And Jeffreys Road, Wrexham – REFUSED – “spoiling the street scene”
    • P/2023/0352 – Park Avenue, Wrexham – REFUSED – “spoiling the street scene”

    Half of the applications rejected for spoiling the street scene with no rhyme or reason as to why, given many of those refused are just humdrum inner suburbs, not a national park.



    So it doesn’t matter if they spoil scenery in the villages, just don’t allow in Wrexham centre.

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