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    On looking back into Council reports to challenge Councillor Wynn’s stance on City Status I came across the following detail.

    Back in 2016 a “Strategic Asset Management Plan SAMP 2016/21” was published by WCBC. The document outlined a five-year plan to “improve the aesthetic and offering of Wrexham’s indoor markets”.

    Update of progress on SAMP for 2016/17 included refurbishment of two key stalls in the Butchers Market and repairs to the walls and flooring in the Butchers Market Cafe. I am led to believe that the cost of the two stall refurbishment was in the region of £20k. This was done to accommodate a trader relocation from the Peoples Market due to the Ty Pawb build. Apparently the trader would not relocate there as the rent being asked was too high and took premises in another location in the town. I would add that these two stalls have hardly been let since that refurbishment.

    The report notes”Physical improvements within the two markets are required for this area to be a catalyst for private investment in other buildings around High Street, Charles Street, and Henblas.” The Council control very few assets in the Town Centre and the ownership of these buildings offers an opportunity for the Council direct intervention in rejuvenating the Town Centre.

    I appreciate covid, the last eighteen months has not helped. However, the years 2017/18/19 this project has stood still. Is it the responsibility of the Employment Business Investment Scrutiny Committee or full- time Council Officers?



    See, they can’t even get the market right in a market town, so would they prefer it to become a City of Culture where there’s no culture?

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