Welsh Government reports 4mph drop in speeds after 20mph implementation

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    Something seems a bit fishy about the data that the Welsh government have put out.

    Firstly they are comparing a 4wk period in the summer, when it is drier and lighter to a 4k period in winter when the conditions are darker and there may be ice and snow on the roads. Would fully expect people to average a lower speed in winter than summer.

    Secondly, Mr Waters also stated “We also know from data published by Go Safe earlier this month that 97% of drivers are complying with the new slower speed limit – behaviours and attitudes towards 20mph are beginning to change.”

    My maths are not good enough to work out the exact figure, but if 97% of people are driving at 20mph or under, then surely the other 3% must be driving at something like 200mph+ for the average to be pulled up to 24.8mph.

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