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    This is partly because the council wanted to invest any spare money on unaffordable projects—a mere £100,000 for a one-day bike race. Additionally, hosting an Esteddod in 2025, a decision that last time led to Community Councils being forced to divert their local charity grants to it, devastating some charitable organisations.

    More so, the Wrexham Gateway Project. When Synedd said no to the Gateway funding, council members became starry-eyed by celebrity and, without the possibility of scrutiny, in a secret council meeting, made a massive financial contribution to a business owned by millionaires. Possibly the quickest way out of this mess is to cancel the Gateway Project!

    I’m already waiting for the abuse for daring to question the funding of the favoured project and the immediate Sainthood bestowed on the two Saviours of the ‘city’!



    Wrexhamuser – I’ll be the first to support your views. Wrexham does not have the hotel capacity for large events and people will stay out of the area as they will want large capacity or use team coaches etc with sleeping facilities. Events like cycling we are 2/3 years aways from being able to cater large scale which is a pity as many of the smaller eating establishments could have benefitted. It also seem extraordinary that a Council has to pay to have a multimillion pound event. Many of the team sponsors have income far in excess of the Council. Should the organisers not be paying Wrexham.

    Same with the football the investment the dynamic duo have put in the club was not dependent on the Gateway project- what direct benefit will this have for the residents of Wrexham vs having the money put into schools or social care?

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