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    It seems the code of practice of publishing the agenda and reports for a meeting of the Employment, Business and Investment Scrutiny Committee to be held Wednesday 6th July has not been adhered to.

    The practice, as it has always been, is to publish the agenda and reports three working days prior to the meeting. In this case, the agenda and a report were published on Thursday,30th June. However, the long awaited report of the Ty Pawb Performance 2021/22 has not been published with reference being made, report to follow. It will give the public or press very little time to ask questions of their local representative, should they wish to do so.

    Is this another closed shop attitude of WCBC and lack of transparency.



    Wonder if the report will show a £150 – 200k running cost overspend. Also has the portfolio for TY Pawb gone back to Cllr Hugh Jones as the original portfolio holder was not prepared to front the presentation of the report!!



    No just the Code of Practice, but also the law.

    The Local Government Act 1972 as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information Act) 1988 states:

    In section 100B(4) – That an item cannot be considered at a meeting unless its on the agenda that was published at least 3 days before. Only exception is urgent items.

    In section 100B(3) – All reports must also be available 3 days before unless the meeting is urgent or the Councillors themselves have not received the reports



    katy;- That makes interesting reading. Considering the agenda item,Ty Pawb Performance 2021/22 has been scheduled on the forward Work Programme for this Scrutiny Committee for some time. It appears rather odd that the Report at this moment in time has been held back. In the past, we have seen the Ty Pawb Fourth Street Business Plan ripped up by the Council and replaced by their own plan. Could it be that this plan now also is not meeting its targets and the figures are having to be revised to fit the picture.

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