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    From October 1st our Gas and Electric standing charges will go up again. Here in North Wales and Merseyside we pay the highest electricity standing charge in the country. The gas standing charge is same throughout the country so why the huge difference between different areas for the electricity one? Here in Wrexham the electric standing charge will be 64.33p per day ,while in London 40.74p per day.

    North Wales &

    Unit rate: 6.680 per kWh
    Standing charge: 34.20p per day

    Unit rate: 27.820 per kWh
    Standing charge: 64.33p per day

    Unit rate: 6.67p per kWh
    Standing charge: 34.20p per dav

    Unit rate: 27.99p per kWh
    Standina charge: 40.74p per dav

    Have any of our local politicians asked why? The General Election is around the corner maybe a good time to pressure parties to sort it out. Paying £365 per year before you get any supply is wrong and hits those on the lowest incomes hardest.

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