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    Surely if there is a possibility of having solar panels on the roof of TY Pawb , then the roof garden idea should be stopped.

    Single glazing updated to double glazing has been a basic upgrade for renovations for well over twenty years , how come it was not done in Ty Pawb , cost cutting or and oversight ?



    When you read the reports on wrexham.com of the poor management of Ty Pawb, one wonders whether the same poor management goes on in other council departments.

    The council many years ago introduced agreements on which an incoming tenant would sign up to pay the rent and service charge through direct debit. You were not allowed to take possession of the stall until all the paperwork was completed.

    I would have thought that a unit in Ty Pawb would command a rental of around £1000 per month. To allow a tenant to run up debt of £6k, equivalent to six months tenancy, as well as other undisclosed debts beggars belief.

    This is just not a sign of poor management, rather that management doesn’t exist.



    How did Ty Pawb gain a national design award if non of the expected environmental features to create a sustainable space were not included.

    “The redevelopment was designed by Sarah Featherstone of Featherstone Young and won the Royal Society of Architects in Wales Welsh Architecture Award 2021”

    Many of the costs associated with the running costs have never been set against a Ty Pawb budget line so the true level of losses far exceeds what is in the report. The ‘team’ now tasked with debt collecting will not be charged to Ty Pawb- the total cost of lost income since 2018 is probably in excess of £1.5 million – either due to debts being written off or occupancy by charities and other businesses on a trial rent free basis just to get the stalls full.

    The central costs have never been reassessed to charge the stall holders – how many of the current ones will be packing up soon when they get a new rent. Most rents have not even changed with rates of inflation? Organisers of events are often not invoiced for the hire of rooms. This is bog standards mismanagement of a building not to have systems in place – why has Council Internal Audit not sorted this.

    This has been a Hugh Jones vanity project and he will not accept that this is a massive drain on the rates- how much rent is being paid by the Police for taking over the Oriel Gallery – is that rent going into TY Pawb?



    Derek, You have made some very valid points, which should be answered by the officers of the council



    Never mind, once the new market’s is full of stalls that will make up for Ty Pawb !



    It will be such a shame if the council increase the market rents, using Shrewsbury and Chester market rents as comparisons.

    This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. General traders are few and far between and considering that there are only four previous tenants to return, filling another twenty-four stalls is a hard ask.

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