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    Councillor X

    Are you serious with the heading “The last thing town needs!”?

    The last thing the town needs is more druggies, homeless and unemployed to name but three.

    This development offers jobs and gives the consumer the choice of another supermarket to visit.

    We don’t all live in a “Bubble” where the furthest they go on foot is to Tesco. If Bubble moved away from his bubble for a short while, he/ she would find that the Lidl experience would offer him/ her massive savings (we have seen the TV adverts) Perhaps get a taxi there because the savings should pay for it.

    Why not do all your shopping on-line and get your groceries delivered and then the fate of the town would not be of your concern and you can reside in your bubble in peace.

    Sorry, this is not an anti-bubble rant. I just hate people writing off Wrexham instead of embracing change where change is for the good.



    What Wrexham really needs is a 98 pence shop, with a 50% off opening offer.

    Everyone else will carry on going to Broughton.



    I really did hit a nerve with my guess about your motives for the free parking for “top management” at the council, didn’t I, Councillor X. The new Lidl location is a reasonable walking distance from there, isn’t it.



    I have nothing against Lidl, but really we have more than enough supermarkets and we don’t need another one, especially so close to Asda and Tesco. What this town REALLY needs is a Minor Injuries Unit-this would have been an excellent site for it. Sadly, it seems, it’s all about money and nobody seems to care about health-just be happy to watch A&E continue to crumble whilst you shop….



    Minor Injuries Unit – that’s an incredibly sensible and reasonable suggestion and for that reason we’ll never get one in a million years.


    Llayby lilly

    I think we need people to be more responsible about their use of A&E.

    I regularly see people so drunk from their night out in the town that they occupy valuable beds sleeping off their hangover. If they were presented with a £250 bill for their stay, they may think twice about getting in such a state.

    Just a thought…?

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