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    It is interesting the list shared by – was the Shared Prosperity Fund not part of the Government Levelling Up funding. That being the case how has one of the areas that is seen as one of the most affluent in the county got through. I don’t deny that Rossett may well want it’s Hub but surly the prospect of leveling up funding go to this toilet conversion seems quite odd and should be flushed down the pan! Is it anything to do with a certain MP who lives in the area that has to support all of the Council buds? Is it because an Executive Council Member represents the area? If it is through on merit, then the first question to be asked is have other community projects in the County had the same level of support from Officers as this one – if not then why not support all the wonderful community projects that don’t have the professional support Rossett has had. This was also a dormant project on Companies House to the end of last year so no record of accomplishment.
    Some of the others are either dormant companies or deliverers of Council service under contract and other grants. Does not look a very faor and open process.

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