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    Many of you will have seen the proposals emerging from the Welsh Senedd about reinvigorating the Retail sector. The various points raised in the Wrexham.Com article about this makes it clear that Clueless in Cardiff is at work once again. Where is the Customer and his or her needs? Where is the Retailer and his, her or their needs?

    If Retail is struggling now, even introducing an element of this stuff will finish it off in Wrexham

    New plan for a more resilient retail sector puts people and town centres first



    Fully agree the proposals are devoid of any real understanding about retail. Where is any reference to basic retail which is supply and demand. Any retailer will only survive if they have the right product that consumers are demanding. You can have all shops open but if the product and services don’t match the demand they will end up being glorified display space gathering dust.

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