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    I watched the Scrutiny Committee meeting today on Ty Pawb. I cannot believe that no councilor queried the overspend of £88,269 for 2019/20 and the resulting loss of £247k. The 2020/21 loss of £208k was also not commented on.

    125 performances attracting an audience of 9168, 200 workshops with 2895 participants and twelve exhibits bringing in attendances of 21568 for the twelve months. Total attendees being 33631.

    Considering the total 12 month footfall for Ty Pawb is given at around 600,000 the arts numbers of 33631 equate to around only 6% of the total footfall.

    Given the losses incurred, and a likely hood of a further reduction of income around £88k from car parking in 2021/22 the future looks grim. The market and food area at nearly 100% occupancy are paying there way. The arts side is bleeding the project dry, surely the allocation of the money to the arts side is disproportionate.

    Why are scrutiny not picking up on these sort of points?

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    White elephant! was from the start poorly thought through ….

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    In years gone by WCBC had a Markets Manager who also doubled as Town Centre Manager supported by a deputy manager, to run all three indoor and one outdoor market.

    In 2019/20 the total cost of permanent staff for Ty Pawb only was £380,626

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