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    Wrexham Council’s recycling performance has slipped. It’s dropped from 4th to 17th in the local
    authority areas in Wales. The recycling rate stands at 64% and, with the rate set to increase to
    70% next year, there is a real risk that it could face a fine as much as £660,000 unless it
    However, the authority’s Head of Service Strategy, has said that the authority needs a plan. And
    she has come up with a cunning plan. Speaking at a meeting, she said that ‘In terms of limiting
    people’s opportunity to put waste in their black bin, I think the primary way of doing that is to remove the space that they’ve got’. She proposes that an option would be to reduce the size of black bins because ‘if there’s space in the bin, people will put recycling in it’.
    I don’t know how they’d reduce the size of the bins, nor how much a new smaller black bin
    would cost, but I reckon the cost of providing a new bin for Wrexham’s 136,000 residents, living
    in around 58,000 homes, would be higher than any fine. Add to this the cost of collecting all the old bins, delivering new replacements, and recycling old bins. Sounds like a logistical nightmare. The other option she suggested for consideration, is to reduce the black bin collection service to 3 weeks from the current 2 weeks.
    Thankfully, some Councillors with common sense were present and didn’t like either of these
    The answer surely, is to bring Michael out of retirement and embark on a fresh publicity
    campaign to remind everyone of what needs to be done. It would be a lot cheaper. Wrexham’s
    residents are not as stupid as she might think.


    AMA Express

    “Wrexham’s residents are not as stupid as she might think.”

    Some might see that as a challenge.



    They did this in Cheshire West – took away the perfectly good bins that still had many years life left in them and replaced them all with smaller bins. This coming a few years after they took away all the perfectly good bins and replaced them with the same size bin but in a different colour because they fancied a change of colour scheme.

    Very strange way to tell people that they should not be creating waste by forcing them to bin perfectly good bins. But that’s council logic for you. Next they will be telling us they are short of money and have to hike up the council tax (oh wait, they have already done that). Almost on the same level as the logic of not providing litters bins because they attract litter.

    Would Recycle with Rob n Ryan be better than Recycle with Michael? I’m sure they would do it for free if only for some extra content for their documentary.



    I have been waiting for the next stage of our bin collecting and here we go,have we really dropped to 17th or just the excuse to push us into bin collection every three weeks,you mention other councilors that are not happy with that,but what they going to do when Mr Pritchard decides that is the way to save more money for Wrexham BC.



    If the council are not giving out food waste bags there is every reason for that waste to be put into the black bin.

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