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    Oh dear that was embarrassing!!!!!
    You have to see it to see just how awful it was…..



    Come on, credit where it’s due. She has single handedly put Wrexham on the map. Unlike those chancers Rob n Ryan who have just been riding on her coat tails and taking all the credit.

    Not only that, she has turned Wrexham from a spice town to a spice city.



    I wish everybody would forget her “Athletic” mistake and recognise what she has done for us!

    – made us a City just like Chester
    – got Wrexham Athletic promoted to Football League
    – increased the number of empty shops
    – solved the NHS crisis
    – sorted out the hospital parking
    – invited Rob n Ryan to Wrexham
    – she promote and works in the best interests of the people of the British Virgin Islands (BVI)
    – does British-Taiwan APPG visits to meet ministers and officials to learn about the situation in Taiwan

    We won’t mention her Tweet that keeps showing here “@wrexham Oct 22, 2022
    Wrexham’s MP Sarah Atherton says ” I’m backing Boris ” tonight in the race to become the UK’s next Prime Minister”
    or that she was appointed as Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families in September 2022 and was sacked 5 weeks later!

    She has done a lot more for us than the Romans did!



    A lovely time was had by all ..

    i wonder what she learnt about the situation in Taiwan?

    – Taiwan is often confused with Thailand
    – Many of Taiwan’s city names are very logical
    – How much does a beer cost in Taiwan?
    – The price of 1 beer in neighbourhood pub (500ml or 1pt.) in Taipei is 74 NT$ This average is based on 3 price points. It can be considered reliable and accurate.

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