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    David Thomas

    Ye, and then think how overlooked and neglected the A5 is. The original Holyhead-london route where traffic is already averted onto A483/A55 to complete journeys to NW Wales!



    The Romans knew the importance of the A5 as Watling Street, a very ancient and important key route. However, modern day transport planners lack the same foresight and have completely failed to update it to keep up with modern day traffic demands.

    You only had to see the sheer volume of traffic on there throughout the Summer holidays and the other regular busy congestion periods on there, to see that in its current form, it is not sustainable for the traffic flow that goes through there.



    I don’t think the Romans had problems with nimbys and the traffic, but if they did they would have sorted it out pretty quick.



    So what about the enviromental side of things the amount of traffic mainly doing an extra 15 miles on a journey all that extra pollution going through small towns and villages.Our welsh parliament love to put there name to our air pollution policies but then ignore this.



    That’s a very valid and relevant point thetown and one I had not even considered.
    Yes, the irony of having a 50 mph limit to reduce pollution past Wrexham on the A483 is massively negated by the amount of traffic increase in outlying villages as the result of one road closure.
    The Senedd are proving what I always suspected: situated in the South, for the South to get most benefit.



    Having passed through the site today it is noticeable that another metre of the road surface is sinking and will shortly disappear down the banking.
    With the onset of winter and no sign of any structural work to prevent further degradation I predict the whole road section will disappear by February/March.
    Utterly and shamefully scandalous inaction by the Welsh government or rather the South Wales government because nothing in Wales matters above Merthyr Tydfil!



    Latest update says that £175,000 has been secured for the ‘assessment’.
    If this had been addressed immediately it could have been solved at a far lesser cost than the ten fold figure that it will in all probability require.
    Pathetic Welsh Government at its finest.




    So the latest is that the first minister is ‘not aware’ of the issue some 12 months later?? Seriously???

    Yet more confirmation of the north/south divide!

    MP & MS speak out in parliaments over Newbridge funding – First Minister says he is “not familiar” with issue



    “First Minister ‘not aware’ of the issue 12 months later”

    Why would he be? That’s what Ministers of their respective departments are for.!!

    Confirmation of a north/south divide? Get real!!!

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