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    The Labour Party consider 16 year olds to be mature enough to vote in General Elections.Do they also think they are mature enough to learn to drive, drink alcohol , buy fireworks , knives and to be sentenced as adults by a court of law ? Surely the same level of maturity is needed to do all of the above.

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    Don’t know who I will be voting for yet but it will not be labour, I don’t trust them. I would buy a season ticket for Chester FC before I vote labour.



    It’s all about ‘inclusivity’ (whatever that is) apparently, and making young people feel as though they ‘matter’ and that their views are ‘important’ to the political process. Sounds like a bunch of bananas to me and everyone (adults) I’ve mentioned it to concur that it’s a silly idea. But hey, what do we know ? We’re only the electorate !



    I’m sure 16 year olds would appreciate, and deserve, a say particularly when governments are proposing contentious legislation that would impact on them specifically, before they have a chance to vote.
    Amongst my peers I’ve certainly not seen overall condemnation of the idea, it’s a mixed set of opinions with many pros and cons amongst a group of mainly pensionable age.
    Considering what you can hear spouted by “adults”, when discussing the state of the nation, I can’t see youngsters being any more contentious or ill informed!

    As for who to vote for, it’s more of a matter of who not.
    Personally, I’ve had enough of the current bunch of charlatans!



    An odd concept that 16 year anniversary olds ‘…deserve a say’. Why only 16 year olds, I wonder, not 15 year olds or 13 year olds ? As future voters perhaps there should be a toddlers’ parliament ?

    “Deserve a say” my left foot !



    I totally agree with the comments made by Transportuser.
    They are the generation of the future and it is only right and proper that they get a meaningful say in things that concern them now, and for years to come.
    Older people who are against it are protectionist who’s main concern is whether their triple lock pension will be protected and what is in it for them, hence, more Tory voters are located within the senior age group.
    As my dad used to say “a good young ‘un will beat good old ‘un any day.”



    In answer to why 16.
    How about, that’s the age of recruitment to the forces as a regular soldier?
    Old enough for that decision, old enough to vote. Or do you propose moving the recruitment age to 18 as well.
    Just look at the history of voting.
    Initially only landowners.
    It took until 1832 for middle class men to get the vote and it took a World War to give working men the right qt 21 years of age. But still very few women.
    A further 50 years passed before a reduction to 18 years of age.
    Even then the rules excluded many, I suspect for political reasons.
    It was extremely annoying to know that I was working, paying taxes, etc yet had no say in things!
    The only positive was there was no longer the lunacy of national service.



    A standardised age would be common sense, to be seen as an adult ,to do Jury Service, drive a car, buy fireworks and knives , join the army , stand for parliament and vote.



    Another interesting point.
    There is no minimum age for a shareholder unless imposed by a provision in the company’s articles of association. Likewise for people with significant control. But you cannot appoint a minor under the age of 16 as a director or company secretary.
    So, at 16 you can have, effectively, control of a company of any size!
    Something I came across when checking on a local company!



    I am not sure that the joining the armed forces is a viable reason for being allowed to vote as they may only join with parental consent.
    It is also my understanding that they would not be deployed to the front line until age 18.

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