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    I see that once agin Cllr. Marc Jones has jumped on the bandwagon, this time regarding gritting.

    Whatever the topic, he seems to have an opinion – however wild or impractical that opinion is.

    I personally congratulate the crews who have managed to ensure that arterial and main roads have been kept clear throughout this cold snap.

    When I read his frequent missives, it reminds me of an old adage-
    “It’s not those that know the most that have the most to say”



    There are still roads where people are struggling, and with the freezing conditions expected to continue well into next week it is simply not good enough. The Council says they have “plentiful stock” well put it to good use then! Same old lazy Wrexham Council.
    There are not enough salt bins around. For some strange reason Wrexham Council decided to take them away. Another great decision!

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