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    The Council have failed to collect the Green Bins in spite of entering into a contract with those who chose to pay the extra charge of £35.00.
    When the Council failed with a collection from my residence in the last financial year, I asked for a refund for the missed collection.
    Although they wriggled, lied and were as difficult as possible they had to admit liability and had to pay me a refund.
    I believe that every person who payed the £35.00 is now entitled to 1/24th of that £35.00 refunded.
    I would like to think the Council Department would do this as a matter of policy. I doubt it, so I advise anyone who has had a missed collection to put in a claim for the refund.


    Ioan y Ffin

    The Council seems to have not realized that by charging individual residents for their green bins, it has entered into a contract with each person who pays for the service. It is not a ‘take it or leave it’ situation as in other ‘free at the point of delivery’ council services, where the council can unilaterally withdraw the service and the council tax payer has few means of redress. The Council has taken a payment and if it does not deliver the service, it is in breach of contract.

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