Councillors calling for limits to alcohol licenses in Wrexham town centre

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    Do you think this will help solve the anti-social behaviour problems in the town centre?

    A number of Wrexham councillors have expressed their concerns about the increase in the number of applications for liquor licenses for town centre locations and the impact that it’s having on traders in the town centre.

    They are calling on the council to introduce a “Cumulative Impact policy” to control the number of licenses issued for a defined areas within the town centre. Such a policy can be introduced if there is proof that licensed premises are negatively contributing to crime and disorder, public safety, public nuisance or protection of children from harm.

    If it was successfully introduced, it may create a rebuttable presumption against new applications if objections are received.

    Councillors Call For Controls On Number of Alcohol Licenses Granted In Wrexham Town Centre |



    Bet they wont take on Wallmart or Tesco’s



    Seems quite a balanced and fair report. Let’s hope the council are open minded enough to take some of the comments on board..



    When you think about how many pubs there were in Wrexham years ago, I don’t think it will have any effect. There were 19 breweries in Wrexham in the 1860’s supplying something like 110 of pubs.



    That was back in the days when drinking ale, beer or gin was a necessity because good, drinkable water wasn’t available. And there wasn’t a competition every night to see who could get bladdered first, make a mess of themselves and/or someone else or their property and then blame it on everyone except themselves.



    Today the council’s licensing sub committee rejected the proposed off licence on Chester Street, some interesting evidence given too:

    Controversial Chester Street Alcohol Licence – The Decision |



    Town Centre is plagued by Drunks and Drugusers at all times, Night time you expect it, but drunks with knives at 9.45 in morming? They hang around parks too and the bus station. A collegue of mine was subjected to abusive sexual comments at 7.30 in morning on Sunday. CCTV? PCSOs? My bloody Ar**. Inspector Beasley had a grip on this as did John “Robocop” as he was known. The spindoctors of NWP want to hang heads in shame, Put all the plod on Olympic duties in Wrexham, Rhyl, Bangor etc for a week at a time. CLEAN THINGS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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