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    Our Council Leader asking for councillors to chip in £100 each for not accepting advice.

    The Leader on around £56k a year compared to a lower councillor on around £17k a year. Where does this thinking come from? If he is putting forward a begging bowl, could I suggest a percentage based on salary be the criteria used.

    The Leader £302, deputy £210, ex board £175, chairs £135, ordinary councillors £85 based on council income.

    At least it could go some way to show there is feeling to those not so well off.


    Born Acorn

    I’ve said it before but if certain councillors put the same effort into solving important issues as they do trying to hoover up NIMBY support this county borough would be in a lot better shape.



    Back in 2022 our council leader spoke eloquently about dedicating the 9 Acre field to her late majesty.
    Now he is ‘ resting the idea ‘ due to lack of funds.
    Surely the Queen Elizabeth field is more suitable for ‘ crowdfunding’ than a costly,ill fated and unsuccessful legal tilt at disrailing the same plan he was happy to submit in November 2018!


    Owain Glyndwr

    By the time they get around to it, William will be on the throne and they be calling it the Charlie Garden.



    For once I agree Owain Glyndwr
    Her late majesty had just celebrated her 50 years on the throne when the Groves was declared’ surplus to requirements!’. The dither of Independent led councils, highlighted by this week’s Audit report has been around for aeons !

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