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    Good reporting from – it is quite extraordinary that the Council did not respond to the BBC data unit. Yes they have a big black hole but when you look at the BBC data Wrexham based on the information they have published locally is a long way from being the worst in Wales per resident.
    Why would you not want to highlight that you are top of the league for black holes surly you would spin that as a positive message.
    Sorry to say it does not give confidence in the figures the Council have published so what else is going on.


    The Speaking Truth

    It’s about time the Council listened to it’s residents.

    How many have said scrap the Mayor role, they could at least stop it along with the deputy role until they can balance the books.

    Temporarily cut back on lead members, how can they ask all departments to make cut backs and the Councillors not set an example.

    They could also stop paying extra for those that chair a committee, it should be an honour to do such a role not a perk.

    Just a few ideas that may help…

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