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    Every city in the UK has town centre CCTV , it is essential for the protection of residents, businesses and acts both a deterrent and way of apprehending criminals. It has become a basic necessity. Why do our Councillors prioritise £40,000 on consultants for Ty Pawb over providing CCTV cover for the protection of the city’s residents and visitors. A few weeks ago in a Council meeting they were discussing the value of new seating with integrated mobile phone charges in the city centre and how it would aid safety, surely CCTV is a far superior aid to safety. CCTV is for everyone’s benefit and should come from the central budget , not just four town centre Community Councils.

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    I used to work in the town centre as it was then, & CCTV used to police the town more than the police. They new nearly enough everyone who was a troublemaker or a shoplifter. If you go into the city centre now, how often do you see a police officer walking around.( not very often). If Wrexham was to lose cctv Wrexham police would not cope. I cannot speak for the outlying villages that have cctv.

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