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    Anyone interested in social history, old pics and people’s accounts etc should have a look through this:

    BBC – Domesday Reloaded: WREXHAM HIGH STREET, from 1986

    I have clicked on the town centre in the above, but also loads of stuff from the wider, Wrexham/n wales area.



    I remember doing my work on this when in primary school. I can’t find it on there now though. It was put onto big laser discs (like CD’s but about 20 inches wide and quarter inch thick!) some are still around.



    Yes – I think that why the original project stalled, there were problems with the laser discs. The BBC (last year I think) found a way to sort it out and hence it has started to come on-line.

    Its good as lots of “old” pics of places posted/in books are say from the 30s – 60s – for younger people something from the 80s is interesting, childhood memories etc.

    Edit: more info @ – hopefully your stuff should come!



    Hi. Lots of old pics of Wrexham here Log in | Facebook

    If you do facebook

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