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    “Prime Minister Rishi Sunak
    The investment in towns such as Grimsby in Lincolnshire, Wrexham in Wales and Dumfries in Scotland comes on the eve of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

    Prime Minister and Tory leader Rishi Sunak said: “Towns are the place most of us call home and where most of us go to work.

    “But politicians have always taken towns for granted and focused on cities.”

    Wrexham will welcome any finance that comes its way, and hopefully it will be spent wisely over the next decade.

    P.S. Don’t tell Rishi Sunak we are a city now !!!



    I hope that the money isn’t wasted & that Wrexham gets its fair share from the Senedd.



    This money will not come from the Senedd – they have no say in how it is used- Westminster control



    £20,000,000 equals some 2000 X £10,000. I only mention that because the best way of salvaging the High Street is to remove the Rates on businesses, attract business Investment as a result, and desist from the really silly approach of taking (from business) with one hand, pondering on the lack of business vibrancy, and then returning money to towns to aid reinvigoration. The latter act, by the way, invariably places the cash fund in the hands of those least equipped to make business decisions having removed cash from those who can



    A pre election give away from funds that would have come from EU schemes . Also as WCBC has no plan for development how can they have any idea how to use this ?

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